Once upon a time back in 2012, we started a little casual clothing line in our dining room called Southern Apparel, a lifestyle company that aspired to celebrate all the wonders of the south with a particular emphasis on fitness and health. A few years in, we graduated from a dedicated building next to our house, and eventually transitioned into a large commercial facility backed by an amazing team! 

 As we grew, we realized we wanted to share apparel designs celebrating much much more than the south. UNITEE today exists to celebrate both our differences and similarities anywhere and everywhere. We are passionate about Tshirts and casual apparel because the messages on a well-crafted garment can symbolize unity and help bring groups of people together. We hope you'll join us in our quest to help bring more people together through Tshirts+merch. 

Happy Shopping!

Sincerely: Joel and Tanya Hebert (Owners)